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Sports Massage

Sports Massage uses a variety of techniques which include massage, stretching, deep friction, trigger point stimulation and release.


The aim of sports massage is to improve range of movement and muscle/joint flexibility.


Anyone can benefit from a sports massage from athletes to casual exercisers to those with physically demanding jobs or those under various forms of stress (emotional, physical or occupational).

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Benefits of Sports Massage


•  Increase flexibility of muscles and mobility of joints

•  Remove waste products such as lactic acid

•  Improve circulation and reduce swelling

•  Reduce formation of adhesions/scar tissue

•  Improve posture

•  Improve muscle tone

•  Improve breathing through relaxation and improved posture

•  Aid lymphatic drainage and removal of toxins

•  Encourage the body to repair by slowing down fight/flight reaction in the body

•  Overall feeling of improved well being and relaxation.

Sports massage reduces stress and tension that builds up in tissues from physical activity and can help both acute and chronic injuries/postural problems.  It can also prevent injuries that effect performance.  Often we carry out pre-and post-event massages, all tailored to the individual’s needs.

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Sports massage can help minor injuries due to over-extension or over-use.

It can also speed healing and reduce pain during recovery from an injury (cramp, bruising, aches and muscle tears).



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