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During pregnancy there are many changes in the body.  These are not only due to the growth and increased weight of the uterus but also due to hormone changes.  The posture of the mother changes to accommodate this growth which in itself may cause a variety of symptoms such as aching legs, back ache, neck pain and headaches.

They can also attribute to morning sickness, breathing difficulties and indigestion. The release of hormones causes the softening of ligaments, not only in the pelvis to aid delivery, but throughout the body.  If there are any pre-existing problems, even minor, the maternal body may not adapt to these changes effectively.


Osteopaths can also assess the ability of the pelvis to function well during labour by ensuring there are no pre-existing strains or tension to the surrounding joints, muscles and ligaments.


Osteopathy can also help after birth with enabling the maternal posture to return to normal and help with any trauma caused during delivery.  There are other additional strains caused to the body during nursing, lifting and carrying your baby and with manoeuvring car seats and prams.  If these strains are left unresolved, symptoms such as back pain, headaches, stress incontinence and post-natal depression may occur.