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Nikki Sweeney

Nikki trained as a Holistic Massage Therapist in 1991 with further training in 1997 as an Indian Head Massage Therapist. In 2011, she expanded her training with a course run by the Stress Consultancy team to incorporate Relaxation Therapy in to her practice.  She treats people of all ages, specialising in supporting and working with children and adults with learning disabilities.


Nikki offers a massage tailored to a person’s individual needs, focusing on mind and body. She incorporates Indian head massage into the traditional type of deep holistic massage for complete relaxation.

Nikki’s Stress Consultancy uses Relaxation Methods to support people who are under stress and who would like to learn some relaxation techniques to improve their overall health and well-being. Nikki will work with each individual to formulate a relaxation programme using deep breathing, muscle relaxation and guided imagery, combining these teachings with your own relaxation preferences.

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