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Babies & Children

Birth can be a very traumatic process due to the forces of the uterus and the way in which the baby needs to twist and turn through the bony pelvis.  A baby's head and body is designed to be soft enough to endure these forces, and "remould" in the few days following labour. However, sometimes this does not occur which can lead to discomfort and possible nerve irritation.


Common problems include feeding problems (latching on and sucking), crying and irritability due to pressure in their head, wind or even vomiting.


As children develop, osteopathy can help them adapt as their body grows. Sometimes strains retained from birth can lead to congestion, ear infections and additional problems such as poor concentration and hyperactivity.  As your child gets older they may suffer from growing pains and poor postural adaptation (at school and in sports). Osteopathy can help your child's body adjust and mature with optimal health.